Heritage, inheritance, investment can all describe how the art and design world sells modern. Buy modern. You’ll have it forever and you’ll pass it on to your 2.5 children. Forget that these pieces aren’t necessarily within your financial reach.  The investment will be worth it when it is passed on and your family has something to remember you by. But, what If what your family had to remember you by was modern with a part of you embedded in it – something more than just the memories of a scratch or spill.
DIE MODERN is a modern, sustainable product and service offering that takes cremated remains and integrates them into a composite material that then is manufactured into your favorite mid-century modern piece. 
You, or a loved one, would carry on, passed from generation to generation. You would be where the family gathers to eat dinner or watch TV. You would continue to light up their lives.  And when they too die, they can continue to build the collection with you.