Sculpted by it’s context on the Gulf of Finland and set against Tähtitorninvuori park, the Guggenheim museum design proposal was inspired by contextual atmospherics. The architectural assemblage of the building is reflective of snow drifts formed by the motion and dynamics of wind and the movement and fluctuations of temperature that create breaks or fissures in ice floes. The organic forms respond to the natural context, and are contrasted by the orthogonal backdrop of the city.

The museum concept, as an architectural addition to a city dense with design masterpieces and historical landmarks, is to be experienced as an inspiration and house of creation, as well as a place of solace, to visually absorb and wander in thought. The interior spaces integrate concepts around the idea of “saunaing”, in both materiality and experience of well being for soul and intellect. 

The weetu team included Kevin Estrada, Carly Cannell, Armand Graham, Reed Finlay and Mark Davis.