weetu in Milan TuesWed from weeTV.

Weetu siamo arrivati Milano for Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010 last night. We quickly headed over to Zona Tortona to soak up the energy. People packed the streets in celebration, design gawking and... well, drinking. With a later start, we missed the climax of the pre-events, but got our first taste of what's to come this week – which was something of Campari combined with "the world really does revolve around design". Tasty, tasty uptopia.

Today, however, Weetu was fresh to conquer 4 halls (5-7-8-12) of the show. It is clear that color and textures are in the lead for impact. There was a consistency in cross-hatch exaggerated woven textures– be it in wools, rubber, resin or polyurethane. Color combinations were bold and delicious, Milano style– combined with plastics and rubber and shiny.

Though the terrain of independent and up-and-coming is still to be covered this week, the show stopper, thus far, was Moroso. This was clearly the exhibit where our heart rates elevated in pure joy and excitement. Aside from Moroso's alluring tangibles, their exhibit space was defined by styrofoam forms– "helix twist again" designed by Karmelina Martina. Was it die-cut or molded styrofoam? How do you even do that?!?

images from the Moroso showroom