Well it all started something like this, "Hey Mallory, it's Carly. I'm challenging you to a photo throwdown at ICFF. You in?" And, indeed he was...

This weekend weetu's Carly Cannell and Tyler Mallory will go head-to-head in a photo contest covering ICFF in New York. Jorge laid down the challenges and both contestants accepted the assignments. Images will be posted on the weetu blog and weetu facebook next week so viewers can choose who will take home the glory– umm, bragging rights.

Here is the full list of challenges and stay tuned for an update early next week:

  1. Give me shiny, shiny objects. (Objet d'art Category)
  2. The most interesting use of plywood. (General Product Category)
  3. Now that's a designer! (People Category – Voted Most Über-Design-Person)
  4. There is no way I'm sitting on that naked. (Seating Category)
  5. I want this more than anything, ever! (Best in Show category)
  6. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. (Coolest Lighting Category)
  7. Just one generation away from walking on its own. (Anthropomorphic Category)
  8. Oh those crafty Europeans. (Best European Design Category)
  9. USA, USA, USA! (Best American Design Category)
  10. This is a general interpretation project as it relates to categories. Composition matters but content is important too. So, make it pretty but keep the context. We'll let the people of facebook decide which image set best exemplifies the statement/category.