Flash back fun of 2011- During a holiday stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, weetu Carly discovered her carpet on the floor. Well, not "her's" per se, but a collection she and Kevin designed for Durkan Commercial (part of The Mohawk Group) a few years back. Part of the "body" collection, this particular pattern called "tattoo" (for obvious reasons) was notably one of Durkan's top sellers the year it was released (or so we were told).

What was not expected was how the pattern would be motifified (new word) all over the room. The repeated tattoo pattern was extracted for pillow adornment, as well as into a giant wall graphic.

It can be assumed that a similar pattern has been utilized for tramp stamps all over the world... so perhaps not falling under any trademarks or copyright law... so we'll just take it as flattery. Glad it worked out for the room designers of the Hard Rock Hotel. It looked pretty "hot" (Paris Hilton circa 2003).