As many of you know, weetu keeps our design prowess sharp by participating in multiple design competitions each year. Not so long ago we submitted a concept for the Flatlot competition in Flint, Michigan. Well, weetu didn't get to say wee-won - but- we were recently alerted that we are acknowledged as one of 57 (out of 220 submittals) projects.

Shout-out to the "Apomixis" wee-team (Carly Cannell, Kevin Estrada, Helen Schneider, Olga Bukur). APOMIXIS PAVILION Apomixis, meaning: Reproduction, where viable seed or spores are produced without fertilization.

Signs throughout Flint read, “Cities of Promise: Demolition means Progress”. Instead of passively and painfully deteriorating, Flint opts to actively demolish blighted structures, streets, even neighborhoods, all the while encouraging natural forests to take over and densifying its remaining urban areas.

APOMIXIS PAVILION is inspired by formative urban renewal.