Chicago Artists Coalition Charges Design Firm to Re-imagine it’s Starving Artist Event and art patrons and food lovers can expect the unexpected at this year’s CAC Annual Starving Artist fundraiser after a weetu redesign turns the already popular art event into an “art foodies” dream. The event takes place October 6th at Chicago Artist Coalition’s Fulton Market Gallery (217 N. Carpenter St).

Designed to inspire and engage, the event concept “collective participation” was created to highlight featured artists and chefs while creating an interactive environment for the evening’s attendees. 

The Experience: Staged participation through layers of projection and audience interaction fueled the overall concept of the event. An overtly visual and physical element of “continuity” was envisioned to wrap the interior and exterior surfaces of the gallery. The cultural artifact that was to remain at the end of the performance[s], would be a continuous ‘drawing’ of the event itself, created by attendees. 

In addition to the evening’s overall level of participation, weetu designed four key intervals of interaction to celebrate an artist and chef collaboration. The idea was to create a special moment for each pairing and to eliminate the hazard of their creations getting lost in the crowds. Also to support this concept, weetu proposed "food processionals" at these moments in time to eliminate "competitive eating", or the stressfully long lines that can build up around a banquet table with delicious cuisine. Instead, each food creation is paraded into the audience from multiple directions.

“We didn’t approach the design [for this evening] merely to provide a beautiful and successful fundraiser for CAC, but more as a way to create  an experience that is authentic and impacting, celebrating invention & reinvention, while engaging the audience to participate in the most unexpected ways. The CAC is about building opportunities for artists to thrive. We wanted this event to be accessible to artists, collectors and community alike. These were the driving forces behind our concept.” said Carly Cannell, weetu founder and Chief Creative Officer. 

Adding, “Our designs reflect the ‘dream big’ approach that weetu aspires to in all its projects, big and small. To be able to collaborate with a such a vital arts organization makes the work that much more fulfilling. We wanted to drive home the message that 'you’ll want to be part of this, on October 6th and beyond.'”    

Special thanks to weetu collaborator Linnea Gits of Uusi for the beautiful graphic art that promotes this event.

Starving Artist is Chicago Artists' Coalition's annual benefit that pairs some of the city's most inspiring visual artists and innovative culinary talents.

Redefining the age-old concept of the "starving artist," CAC's event puts four local artists in the spotlight, pairing each with a like-minded chef. Their assignment: to inspire each other to create an edible "installation" to be enjoyed by the crowd and a new work of art, which will be auctioned off the night of the event.

For more information about the Starving Artist event or to reserve tickets, please visit



weetu Carly journeyed to Berlin to participate in Berlin Music Week, followed by Berlin Art Week. It was also an opportunity to catch up with long time favorite weetuzoo collaborator, Helen Schneider of The Sustainable Love Corporation. Schneider was pivotal in the organization of "Word on Sound," which combined a passionate commitment to music and the cultural and business community in Berlin to unify the needs and challenges of the changing cultural and business landscape. 

The Berlin Music Week is a five-day event powered by performance, concerts, parties, conferences, panels, seminars and networking opportunities. As a music mecca, Berlin furthers its role as creative provocateur during this event, with offerings that provide audience and professionals a compact panorama of what's trending on the international music market. Berlin Music Week is designed and coordinated by Kulturprojekte Berlin and supported by the Senate Department for Economy, Technology and Research, Berlin Partner and visit Berlin. 

 "The energy to make and share music in Berlin is unparalleled in Europe. Within these mammoth buildings and wide streets, one feels simultaneously sheltered and free," says Schneider.

(Pictured above, Helen with Word on Sound guest speaker, Cyril Martin)

(Pictured above, Helen with Word on Sound guest speaker, Cyril Martin)

Helen Schneider on Event Planning: With an all-vinyl campus radio show called “Magic Soup”, and summer jobs coordinating outdoor festivals and music for the local concert producer/promoter Belkin Productions (now part of the Live Nation empire), Helen Schneider's career in music and in events started stateside in 1989.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Schneider has lived in Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Cologne and currently resides in Berlin. Since March 2012, Helen has been curating and producing the music industry B2B platform at Berlin Music Week called Word on Sound.


An already busy year, weetu took a call from citibank to congratulate us on our fifth year of business!  Where has the time gone? Starting a new concept for our design studio at a dropping point into the economic abyss is something we can only laugh about now. However, we've been fortunate to have so many accomplishments in such a short period of time.

Our vast range of projects have left us with never-a-dull-moment while reinforcing that good design applies to all from architecture to social media and from products to non-profits.  As the founder of weetu, I have been so fortunate to work with an amazing collective of talent; have such passion for what we do and to live a life where making a living, inspired by people and places, is a joy and never a job.

Our recent opening of a Manhattan studio is surely only the beginning of many new opportunities to come. Thank you for the support bringing us this far, and let us know when you want to weetu.


One night only...Everybody get’s in FREE! A heart-pumping, high-octane, design explosion through your SOUL.

Watch as the weetu monster truck will dare the impossible by leaping...not one...not two...but ALL, 50 TRUCKS... at the 8th Annual Guerrilla Truck show.

So leave the weak-hearted at home and come down to Fulton Market on June 12th for 30,000 tons of design thunder. weetu and trucks.

Wet-your-pants fun.

BE THERE!!!!!!


Bright + Shiny Exhibition, Chicago Artist Coalition, curated by Studio Murmur exhibited new work by various designers during the annual NeoCon and Guerrilla Truck Show events held in Chicago.

“Light & Reflection” introduces recent works by six designers through a range of technologies and conceptual ideas. Largely based in the Chicago design community, the group includes individuals and small studios showcasing new designs as part of the emerging “Design Week,” which includes events such as the 8th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show and NeoCon.


Another year, another Guerrilla Truck Show and another weetu truck design. Check out the show and, of course, come visit us on June 12th 5:30p - 9:30p @ 1000 Block of Fulton Market.

And, now, you can easily take the Green or Pink lines with newly added Morgan Street stop. Rumor has it that the $38 million train stop was built just for this 8th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show. (it's just a rumor.)

If it that's not enough, this year's show promises to be bigger, better, badder than ever. With a juried show and 50 trucks representing local, independent designers and artists, the streets of Fulton will be closed off as GTS officially becomes a street fest.

But wait there's more...  weetu will be in a second gallery show in Fulton Market that very night. WHAT?!? MORE WEETU??!!? SAME NIGHT?? Yes, it's so very true, but shhhhh keep that under wraps as we'll be sharing more details of our 2nd show in the next few days.


As a way for mobile users to continue the weetu experience on the go, we've added a mobile website. Now whether you are on an Android, Iphone, Ipod or Ipad you will never be too far away from weetu–you never really were.

"How do I use it? Where do I go get me some weetu mobile? Damn it, I don't want to miss out on this!"

No worries we've made this easy, breezy for you. While on your fancy mobile device just go to www.goweetu.com and we'll take care of the rest.

Enjoy and please feel free to give us feedback!


Chicago-based design firm, weetu, announces the opening of its New York office. Headed by Kevin Estrada, a NY-based architect who has worked with Studios Architecture, Asymptote, and, most recently,  D’Apostrophe Design; the office is located in the city’s historic Garment District.

“This is a significant step for weetu. Not only are we now represented in two of the most architecturally rich cities in the world, but we also bring on board an innovative and experienced leader to help build out weetu’s presence.” said Carly Cannell, President of weetu. “As a long-time weetu collaborator, Kevin always embodies a strong vision and astute sense of design. It will be such a value to now have his leadership with us full-time.”

“Joining weetu was an easy decision for me. Their creativity and approach to all their projects reflects thoughtful and progressive design, ” said Kevin Estrada. “And, having the opportunity to, add an architectural component as an extension of weetu’s brand, is something I look forward to. I’ve collaborated with them over the years and they are a forward-thinking group.”

weetu will continue to be headquartered in Chicago housing the company’s day-to-day operations, branding, marketing, and product development divisions. Kevin Estrada will be at the forefront for the architectural divisions of both the New York and the Chicago offices.


With weetu's awesome new location comes even awesomer new talented neighbors - Uusi! Aside from an impressive design background, Uusi partners Linnea and Peter have been passionately creating a new line of playing cards in their "spare time" entitled "Blue Blood". These crazy characters are dying to come to life. Please help make that happen by visiting and supporting Uusi on Kickstarter!

If you don't already know what Kickstarter is, its the largest, online creative funding platform. Viewers to a project can choose one of the pledge options (anything from $1on up) to help bring the project to life.  Kickstarter is powered by a unique all or nothing funding method where projects must be fully funded or no money changes hands. Project creators inspire people to fund their projects by offering smart, fun and tangible rewards.  You can check out their project and rewards for Blue Blood Playing Cards right here:   


Thanks for supporting design AND designers!


CCP 2012- it's everywhere! Chicago Cultural Plan 2012! What's culture to you? It could be the SSO or The Empty BottleTaste of Chicago or the Tamale GuyThe Art Institute or strolling by the murals of Pilsen - we all have our own interpretations, stories and hopes for the future.

Starting tomorrow night, we will come together to discuss the state of culture in Chicago today and our ideas for the future. Be part of the legacy and come on out! We know you all have opinions and ideas to share- so don't be stingy. Meet up at town halls or stay tuned for an upcoming neighborhood meeting near you. Go to the website for meeting info and to RSVP

This guy has the right idea

This guy has the right idea


Chicago, IL Weetu will helm the social media and marketing outreach for the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012. As the communications component of the City of Chicago’s selected planning team led by Lord Cultural Resources, weetu’s role will be to develop an overall branding campaign to be implemented across social media and traditional marketing channels.

In partnership with Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, this plan will deliver a set of recommended initiatives that support the Chicago arts and promote its economic growth while enhancing the city’s reputation as a global cultural destination.

“Weetu is proud to be part of this historical initiative. It’s not often that one gets the opportunity to help shape a great city’s cultural future,” said Carly Cannell, President of weetu. “Our approach throughout this campaign will be in the spirit of Burnham’s ‘make no small plans.’ We want our communications effort to challenge Chicagoans to dream big and take ownership of this cultural plan.”

“We are honored to be working with weetu on this project. Weetu's innovative approach, principles of inclusive public engagement, and leading-edge design emulate the elements we wish to reflect in Chicago's cultural plan,” said Orit Sarfaty, Project Lead for Lord Team.

Gail Lord, co-president of Lord Cultural Resources added, “Chicago is one of the world's leading cultural cities and so we are truly honored to be working with City leadership to plan its even greater cultural future.”

As its first two orders of business, weetu has developed and launched both an overall campaign brand and the social media hub at www.chicagoculturalplan2012.com.

Cultural Plan Social Media Links:

Linkedin Blog Twitter @ChiCulturalPlan Facebook Tumblr Google+



New era? New weetu. Wee're making this year count just in case it's the end as wee know it. Best to all of you as we apocaweetu to the finish line (in case the Mayan's have it right). Peace, Happiness + stay tuned for some Fun.

"Work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching."

- Unknown


Flash back fun of 2011- During a holiday stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, weetu Carly discovered her carpet on the floor. Well, not "her's" per se, but a collection she and Kevin designed for Durkan Commercial (part of The Mohawk Group) a few years back. Part of the "body" collection, this particular pattern called "tattoo" (for obvious reasons) was notably one of Durkan's top sellers the year it was released (or so we were told).

What was not expected was how the pattern would be motifified (new word) all over the room. The repeated tattoo pattern was extracted for pillow adornment, as well as into a giant wall graphic.

It can be assumed that a similar pattern has been utilized for tramp stamps all over the world... so perhaps not falling under any trademarks or copyright law... so we'll just take it as flattery. Glad it worked out for the room designers of the Hard Rock Hotel. It looked pretty "hot" (Paris Hilton circa 2003).


Did you know that Tyler made furniture? Neither did he. It only took nine grueling months (perhaps a slight exaggeration), but he finally finished his very own printer stand project. "It is now triumphantly holding up my printers and a variety of other print type things. Thanks to the gang for helping me out with it and for the use of the


™ Fabrication Lounge!" states Mallory.

If you like what you see- Tyler is taking orders and they will definitely reach you by Christmas (2012). Currently he has a sale going on of only $3989.72 (shipping not included). Stay tuned for more fun coming out of the


™ Fabrication Lounge.


Video Backdrop for DBD/weetu/ERG from weeTV.

Well what's a project if you can't get everyone involved?? Here is a backdrop video that was created for weetu/ERG's Dine by Design booth last weekend. Thank you to Tyler "Sticks" Mallory, videographer, and Martin Nelson, editor for helping put this all together.

Special thanks to the actors: Renate Martin, Daniel Knobloch, Fawzia Mirza (website) and Michael Bever.


Busted! Our own Mr. Mallory has been caught moonlighting as a zombie hottie in his after hours, working the local cemeteries. Thanks to big brother (Facebook) his dirty little secret has been discovered... just in time to celebrate one of our favorite holidays! Blue steel!

(Dave Rentauskas Photography, Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Brown, Wardrobe Styling: Rachel Clapp, Photo Assistants: Joe Beccera, Andrew Lawrence, Retouching: Sarah Crump, Zombie: Tyler Mallory)


The avant gardener strikes again in the current issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine. The magazine approached weetu at this year's Guerrilla Truck show where they interviewed Jorge about our latest weetree wall creation. Aside from the walls looking stunning, we were also amazed at Jorge's modeling skills and matching green shoes.

New concepts are in the works, so this won't be the last blurb about weetree walls. Check 'em out!