weetu translates identity and culture through the filter of design. Our intent is to enhance the human experience at every scale, micro-local to macro-global.

As a multi-disciplinary collaborative, weetu is able to explore design from perspectives beyond that of a traditional design studio. We are dexterous, creating multi-faceted experiences through space, products, services, and digital interactions. In the ever-changing field of design practice, weetu excels in adaptability and is thrilled by the possibility of the not-yet- invented.

We absorb information: about the client; the history of the industry; relevant precedent; the client’s competitors; and the attributes of the project that will make the client most likely to stand out. Research and sensitive analysis ground all weetu strategies, preparing us to ask informed questions that push design-solutions forward.  Our solutions rely on exploration and synthesis.


With a clients design-brief, we bring together an experienced team of inter-disciplinary problem-solvers to generate solutions that accomplish the clients long-term objectives. Were constantly evolving and seeking inspiration from disparate resources. We pride ourselves on our ability to be nimble and to confront existing design-thinking to generate novel ideas.


Ready-NotYetMade. Bespoke. Never done before.

Clients come to weetu because we take their design challenge and run with it.  Once a strategy is developed and agreed upon with the client, the weetu approach – in the hands of the team of skilled thinkers and inventors – moves into design, re-imagining the brands, spaces and experiences that define our clients.  


From initial spark to full on implementation, weetu is present throughout. We shepherd the project from concept to actualization; we fabricate physical and digital products.