At the time, a government agent and former UN translator, then handbag designer, were preparing for their first child when they approached weetu to renovate their newly acquired 2-bedroom apartment in a bright, pre-war building on the upper west side. 

They were interested in maintaining the existing architectural features, such as herringbone floors, white plaster walls, moldings and window frames, yet they wanted to integrate contemporary additions within the kitchen and living areas.

The enclosed kitchen (above) was a challenging puzzle, designed to the smallest increment. As a family who loves to cook and owns plenty of appliances and cooking tools, each item was inventoried, measured and designated for a specific location, easily accessible for every day cooking. Even years later after the family settled in, growing their family to four, each item lives in it’s specific location. 

The living room built-in shelving was designed to serve a dual function of both storage, display and hidden office. Since one parent would be working from home, weetu designed a pull out desk with monitor that the family also uses to watch videos during certain times of the week. 

The apartment, though currently reigned by the little people, is not visually dominated by toys and play things, as hidden storage maintains a sense of organization. Minimal decor and furnishings coupled with pops of color result in livable, affordable solution in a beautiful Manhattan neighborhood. 


Photos by Regan Wood Photography