Weetree Wall™: Because a dead wall isn’t as fun

Weetree Walls are illuminated, self-watering indoor/outdoor vertical wall gardens designed for perennials, annuals and herbs alike. They are a perfect solution for residential gardens, restaurants, or corporate interiors. Functional and green in the warmer months, they still maintain visual beauty during the colder months.

Weetree Walls feature a lightweight and weather resistant aluminum, integrated low-maintenance drip line irrigation system, low heat led lighting and high-efficiency pumps. 

The original concept was inspired by Chicago’s often short, residential property lots that typically house an (unsightly) separate garage against the alley, resulting in limited garden and green space. The concept was to balance nature’s beauty with urban functionality in thoughtful and intelligent ways. The challenge with a vertical living wall is that they can be expensive to upkeep and cannot survive cold climates. Weetree Walls not only increase your green space during the summer months, but in the cold winter they still provide beauty and appeal through thoughtfully designed illuminated patterns. It’s just a plus that they shield your ugly garage.