weetu is: us too, them too, we too. Everything we do is a united effort and the name encompasses two main concepts: The positive energy of collaboration; The joy of design/creating.

weetu is a mashup of proactive problem-solvers, neon-lovers, inventors, irreverent culture consumers and creators. weetu, a nimble, constantly–evolving design studio, creates multi- faceted experiences through space, products, services, and digital interactions. Our diverse team enables us to produce integrated solutions that engage and deliver results.

weetu is located in Chicago and New York with partners in Berlin, and Los Angeles. Meet our executive team below.

weetu is a certified women’s business enterprise.




After a decade in the corporate design world, Carly Cannell started weetu, a multi-disciplinary design studio working at the intersection of interiors, architecture, marketing and branding. She developed weetu as a collaborative, bringing together creative minds from diverse fields to shape the company’s work and products. Guided by Carly’s exploration and catalyzing vision, weetu’s team has been hatching new, substantive ideas for several years and continues to propel the practice into new, undiscovered realms. Carly believes design and her practice are constantly evolving- influenced by continued learning, social changes, and advances in technology.

Carly is a licensed Interior Designer and a part-time professor at Parsons, The New School. Carly’s portfolio reflects her passion in exploring the underpinnings of a conceptual design, and how such design can be translated to multiple mediums to result in memorable human experiences. She received a Bachelor of Interior Architecture [BIARC] from the University of Oregon. Though never a fan of patchouli, her west coast roots have grounded her in responsible practice and context as inspiration. 




Master Collaborators. Experience Innovators. Global.

weetu continues to expand our capabilities through strategic collaborations. The weeteam, a group affectionately referred to as the weetuzoo, is a group of professional artists, graphic designers, writers, researchers, photographers, editors, marketers, and developers, among other talents. We establish multi-faceted teams of specialists tailored to each project. Our team of skillful practitioners brings together time, insight, experience and wanderings from around the globe.



AMP.BUILD, Partner

Web and Mobile Implementation, California

Web Design - AMP.build designs responsive, mobile-friendly websites ranging from customized pages to simple and direct marketing landing pages. 

Mobile Design - great mobile design isn’t just about how it looks. Great mobile design has a tactile experience that is powered by solid engineering. AMP.build's designers and engineers work together to deliver something we can all be proud of.

Design for Wearables - some expect wearable devices to repeat the growth pattern of smartphones. Do you have an existing app that you are thinking about porting over to the Apple Watch and need a hand distilling it? AMP.build helps us with that too.


Design Provocation, Berlin

Irakli Kiziria is an architect, designer, renowned DJ, design provocateur.  weetu’s German-based studio partner hosts a network of international professionals working in the fields of art, design, architecture, and research. Irakli’s hand in creating pseudo-objects, products and concepts have circulated on the viral global front, tinged with under-stated humor, and inspiring new perspectives of our cultural and consumer landscapes.

Irakli’s design philosophy is best conveyed in his own words.  “Interesting design or architecture for me (no matter the scale), is a complex challenge with social, economic, and even political dimensions that aim to manifest unspoken societal desires.”