Congratulations to our client for making The 2018 It-List with CS Magazine! Created by Andrea Wise, Ascend is a holistic wellness experience with a bespoke, boutique approach. It is a private space for balancing lifestyles and sustaining wellness. They focus on creating highly personalized experiences that span a variety of services including, but not limited to, an adrenaline-packed workout, wellness retreats, nutritional coaching, yoga, pilates, facials, and massages – all under one roof. weetu had the pleasure of bringing Andrea's vision to life by designing the Ascend studio space.

Check out the article here! Or contact Andrea at Ascend for more information! 


[March 2018] Carly Cannell, founder of New York-based multidisciplinary design studio, weetu , was recently invited to guest lecture at her alma mater, The University of Oregon, School of Architecture, at both the Eugene and Portland campuses.

Carly gave a dynamic and visually stimulating hour-long discussion about Experience Hybridization, weetu's collaborative creative process. 

“It was such an honor to be invited back after 20 years working in the professional world. It’s amazing how much has not changed in Lawerence Hall. I still love this building and the raw studio culture. It was my home for 5 years!”. 


[Chicago] – The Department of Curiosities, located at 3013 W. Armitage Avenue, will host a shop-able installation by members of the League of Women Designers (LWD).  Eve Fineman will curate the show drawing on the golden age of department stores for visual inspiration. The boutique space will be transformed with sections for housewares, lighting, furniture, clothing, jewelry, handbags and lingerie. Weetu will showcase BLADE SHELVES and debut a set of rubberized neon X2 DESKSCAPES.

The shop-able installation will be open from December 4th-20th, Tuesdays-Saturdays from 12-7 pm, Sundays 12-5pm.  Check out the catalog of participating designers! 

Full press release below:

[Chicago] – From December 4th-20th, the Department of Curiosities located at 3013 W. Armitage Avenuewill host a shop-able installation by members of the League of Women Designers (LWD).  Eve Fineman will curate the show drawing on the golden age of department stores for visual inspiration. The boutique space will be transformed with sections for housewares, lighting, furniture, clothing, jewelry, handbags and lingerie. Participating designers include Carly CannellChelli LookElizabeth FierstenFelicia Ferrone,  Gerry Quinton, Jamie Hayes, Kari Merkl, Kelly Marie Thompson, Kristen Molenhouse, Maria Boustead, and Sharon Burdett

 Participating designers include Carly CannellChelli LookElizabeth FierstenFelicia Ferrone,  Gerry Quinton, Jamie Hayes, Kari Merkl, Kelly Marie Thompson, Kristen Molenhouse, Maria Boustead, and Sharon Burdett

The show's name references Eileen Gray, a touchstone for LWD group. Gray was a pioneer of modernist design; an architect and designer of furniture, textiles and interiors. Her influential works in the 1920s and 30s were largely overlooked in her time and the importance of her legacy remains unrecognized to this day. One of her most innovative works, the Villa E-1027 house, for instance, was first attributed to her lover, Jean Badovice, and was later defaced by the most famous architect of her day, Le Corbusier. 

“Gray’s Department Store” will provide a public platform for the LWD group as a whole, and for each individual exhibitor. The exhibit will include a printed art catalogue designed by Daniela Markova Soukup, an opening reception sponsored by KOVAL distillery from 6-9 pm on December 4th, open hours during the Holiday season for the public to view and shop Tuesday-Saturday from 12-7 pm, and Sunday from 12-5 pm. The exhibiting designers will staff the shop in order to give the public an opportunity to learn about the design and manufacturing process; most of the designers manufacture locally. In addition, special events such as demonstrations, screenings, and discussions by members of the LWD group will be held throughout the run of the show, including a pop-up dining event on the evening of December 12th featuring the work of Midnight Kitchen Projects.

The Department of Curiosities (DOC) will host the event at their storefront/workshop, which showcases fashion and design. It is home to fashion lines Morua and Production Mode, which are manufactured on-site, following a slow fashion model of transparent and ethical production. In spring 2016, DOC will introduce their first collection, a line of silk lingerie inspired by the luminous women of the 1930s. The line will be available for preview and purchase at the Gray’s Department Store event.

# # #

A link to the Gray’s Department Store exhibit catalogue can be found here.


[Photo from  theknockturnal.com ]

[Photo from theknockturnal.com]

Recently completed Upper West Side lounge Manhattan Brew & Vine [MBV] has been on fire in the news! The hot spot launched on August 25th with a celebrity grand opening party. Not only was weetu’s very own Kevin Estrada in attendance, from the hip hop and R&B worlds so was Fabolous, Ne-Yo, Angela Simmons, Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith, Mack Wilds and many more. 

The 1300 square foot space was packed opening night. Kevin enjoyed sending Carly pics of their creation since she wasn't able to be in attendance.

The 1300 square foot space was packed opening night. Kevin enjoyed sending Carly pics of their creation since she wasn't able to be in attendance.

Typical to weetu’s collaborative creative process, MBV was driven by the clients interest in the combined materiality of contemporary finishes with a rustic edge. The interior of the space is defined with a folded surface of reclaimed wood that wraps the space and encloses the seating areas. Warm, textured surfaces were combined with opposing reflective materials such as black mirror and waxed steel. Overall, the effect results in an intimate neighborhood lounge and bar that reflects both the clients vision and weetu’s design intent.  

Former Dollar Store transformed to intimate lounge. [photo from  thewestsiderag.com ]

Former Dollar Store transformed to intimate lounge. [photo from thewestsiderag.com]

We will be posting images from our photoshoot very soon, but in the meantime visit MBV's website for more information. 


"Casamota" entry and horse driveway.

"Casamota" entry and horse driveway.

weetu recently completed a beachside retreat on the North shore of the Dominican Republic for well known interiors editor and stylist, Carlos Mota. Architect Kevin Estrada met Carlos on a photo shoot where Carlos casually asked if weetu would be interested in designing a house for his recently acquired beach front property.  Kevin grabbed his Speedo and sketchpad and immediately got inspired by the beautiful context.  

Carlos Mota feeding his chickens.

Carlos Mota feeding his chickens.

Pool deck with custom designed tiles. 

Pool deck with custom designed tiles. 

Initial conversations centered on the idea of Casa Malaparte and the idea of a beachside “bunker”.  Affectionately referred to as "Casamota", the house took on the form of a concrete cube with a central courtyard, large rear patio and pool area.  Bedrooms flank the central courtyard with living spaces facing towards the pool and the beach beyond. The geometric tiles of the patio and pool area were designed by Carlos himself, using local artisans. The main living space and the exterior patio are separated with full height sliding walls of glass.  When fully opened, the effect is of one large outdoor room.  The interiors are reflective of Carlos’s exuberant style.  

Central courtyards opens to interiors to create one large outdoor room.

Central courtyards opens to interiors to create one large outdoor room.

Interior rooms connect with the outdoor views. 

Interior rooms connect with the outdoor views. 

For the full article, please visit Architectural Digest online. Than you to Kevin Estrada for leading the team, including design collaborator Idil Akay. Stay tuned, a weetu expansion may be in the works! 

The team designed the house to reach towards the ocean beyond.

The team designed the house to reach towards the ocean beyond.


It may be #TBT, but we’re launching forward with a brand new website. A compilation of a range of work from commercial to residential to new propositions, the site presents ideas that are being explored in furniture design, objects and psychological concepts. Latex and silicone anyone? This year we’re making a bold commitment to be busier than ever, more fearless and 
explore more social circles (yes, we should get out more). 

Wantu weetu? Contact us and follow us on Instagram @goweetu.


weetu7anniversary from weeTV 

Let's celebrate 7 years of creating! If we had to compare ourselves to one of the seven deadly sins, we'd be pride. We're proud of our work, and proud that we've helped our clients tell their story in ways they like to brag about. This admission will probably doom us to the least desirable of the seven levels of purgatory, but it's worth the risk. We’re looking forward to many more years of taking chances. 

7 years at a glance: Interiors, architecture, landscapes, deskscapes, truck shows, competitions, world exploration, logos, websites, photos, videos, branded environments, terror and culture (not at the same time), fashion, plant lamps, teachers, learners, explorers, Fulton Market Chicago to Garment District NYC. Blue hair, green hair, pink hair, purple hair……….no hair. Brazil, West Coast, East Coast, Middle Coast. Bangkok, Berlin, Toronto. What’s ahead for weetu? Still getting our hands dirty, more neon (hey- we started it), translucent synthetic materials and very soon the launch of a brand new website! 

Thanks to our clients, collaborators, friends and family for seven great years. Here’s to 7+ more!

Special thanks to Tyllie Barbosa for an afternoon of talent and patience- a photographer who makes her living taking gorgeous pictures of actual food. See for yourself at tylliebarbosa.com Also many thanks to weetuzooer, Amy Turilli for playing with fire and putting our little video together.

[Director of Architecture, Kevin Estrada + weetu Founder, Carly Cannell] Celebrating in style in NYC. Cheers to another 7+ more years!

[Director of Architecture, Kevin Estrada + weetu Founder, Carly Cannell] Celebrating in style in NYC. Cheers to another 7+ more years!


Drones will deliver our impulsive online purchases and our cars will be driving themselves to work. Yep- 2014 is going to be the year of awesome, and off to a great start. Deemed the "Year of the Robot" by our very own inside secret sources, wee can only expect the year will end in Robotalyspe! So we've taken precautions in designing WEETURVIVAL KIT 2014 so our beloved friends, family and clients can be ready, in style.

Available in weetu glowing yellow (so it's easy to find in the dark), WEETURVIVAL KIT 2014 comes with everything you need to fend off the robots without having to sacrifice the quality of life you're used to. For only three easy online payments of $9.99, weetu will even throw in a free consultation to customize additional solutions to meet your needs... okay, and a free Slanket.

Preserve yourself, preserve your business: Prepare with weetu! We think of everything so you don't have to.


Wayward Arts Issue No 9 hit the streets in November and weetucarly was one of 40 collaborating contributors invited to provide thinking around the future of work. Check out the issue here and continue the conversation.

It's estimated that by 2020 the number of independent professionals will exceed 70,000,000. With the launch of a new year, it's time to think differently about your business and weetu is here to help. When launched in 2007 by fearless leader Carly Cannell, her mission was to create a vibrant collective of experienced multi-disciplinary professionals to bring new vision to problem solving and design innovation.

Collaboration has been a major weetu ingredient from day 1. So it was a no brainer for Cannell to join up with the Baubub as they were incubating back in 2008. The Bauhub, in their own words, is a "tour de workforce. " With 305 active members and growing, it's a maxi-weetu collective of experienced marketing and design professionals to tackle projects, big and small, anywhere in the world.

"I was excited to be one of the founding members of The Bauhub," says weetucarly, "Scott's vision of the Bauhub was in line with why I started weetu. To have additional partners and collaborators in North America (and beyond) only makes us stronger. It's about putting the strongest team together for our clients to provide superior solutions. The plus side is that as experienced as we all are in various fields, we continue to evolve together and be inspired by one another. It's not a competition, it's a collaboration."

Check out Wayward Arts Issue No 9 here or contact The Bauhub for a printed issue.




New York, NY –  This Fall, weetu’s most professorial member, Kevin Estrada, will be taking his talents over to a classroom in the School of Constructed Environments at Parsons the New School for Design.  Kevin will be teaching an Interior Design (ID) Studio, a course introducing students who are new to design to the fields of ID and space-making.

Like these students, many of whom will hold undergraduate degrees in other disciplines, Kevin’s background in architecture and design will make his classroom a uniquely diverse creative environment.  And, by incorporating his own interests in NYC culture, materiality and new technologies, Kevin’s students will be exposed to more than just the basics of an introductory studio course. “Nobody does translucent like Kevin”, says super fan and supportive partner, weetu’s founder Carly Cannell, “Not only will his expertise prove to be extremely valuable to these students, but his imaginative perspective is unmatched. Personally, I can’t wait to participate in his studio reviews.”

Leaving the weetu office and heading to buy fresh felt tips, Kevin told weetu, “The spheres of academia and professional practice can and should influence each other.  One should not be isolated from the other.”


Chicago’s L/WD (League of Women Designers) held their second panel discussion entitled Design & Craft / Hands-on & Digital. Weetu Carly was invited to participate to discuss the contemporary intersection of making, process and product and how that relates to weetu’s design and architectural practice.

LWD presented two panel discussions, hosted by Manifold, featuring leading members of the design community, programmed to cultivate pertinent and timely dialogue in association with Skirt.  

Moderated by Heather Mullins – Relevant ReUse, the Panel Guests included:

Maria Boustead – Owner of Po Campo
Carly Cannell – Founder of Weetu
Sharon Burdett – Co-Owner of Strand Design
Gina Panijan – Independent Surface Designer



4 new products: same shapes, 4 scales, 4 functions

Fingerscapes: For Protection
Deskscapes: For Organization
Plantscapes: For Illumination
Tentscapes: For Habitation

weetu's x4 collection was inspired by Eames "Power of 10", combined with the desire to bring more small scale architecture into the working environment. The first prototypes were designed by hand, as analogue paper forms with no predetermined scale. The groups were then translated digitally where weetu played with multiple scales, deciding on 4 to provide various functions: to be worn on the body (fingerscape), organize a tabletop (deskscape), illuminate an interior environment (plantscape), and to be inhabited (tentscape).

Each piece in the x4 collection is designed to perform autonomously or as part of a community of similar multiples.  The groupings can be explored in solid or translucent materials, as well as different material effects. In addition to varying functions, each product line was fabricated differently. “This is the first round of prototypes”, says weetu founder and chief creative officer, Carly Cannell, “the team has worked very hard to explore the best materiality and fabrication processes for each X4 Product. I look forward to a brass set of X1 so I can be vicious and stylish”. 

X3 is the newest "Plant-Lamp" in a collection of flat-pack, snap-together, dual-function home accessories. 

Special thanks to Tyllie Barbosa Photography for a fun day and awesome shots of x4 products!


As many of you know, weetu keeps our design prowess sharp by participating in multiple design competitions each year. Not so long ago we submitted a concept for the Flatlot competition in Flint, Michigan. Well, weetu didn't get to say wee-won - but- we were recently alerted that we are acknowledged as one of 57 (out of 220 submittals) projects.

Shout-out to the "Apomixis" wee-team (Carly Cannell, Kevin Estrada, Helen Schneider, Olga Bukur). APOMIXIS PAVILION Apomixis, meaning: Reproduction, where viable seed or spores are produced without fertilization.

Signs throughout Flint read, “Cities of Promise: Demolition means Progress”. Instead of passively and painfully deteriorating, Flint opts to actively demolish blighted structures, streets, even neighborhoods, all the while encouraging natural forests to take over and densifying its remaining urban areas.

APOMIXIS PAVILION is inspired by formative urban renewal.


On June 11th, 2013 the WEEINVENT TRUCK is back in action at the 9th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show! weetu architects + designers reveal a new product line named"X4", a collection of "scalar explorations"of form[s]: same shapes, 4 scales, 4 functions.

"Come for the hotties, stay for the scalars", exclaims Kevin Estrada, weetu's Director of Architecture. That's really all we can say for now.

For more information about weetuʼs new products, visit us on June 11th at www.goweetu.com/weeinvent

About the 9th Annual Guerrilla Truck ShowThe Event takes place at the corner of Aberdeen and Fulton on June 11th, between 5:30pm and 9:30pm. 


CHICAGO, IL – weetu was called upon to lay stature to a new housing plan for Chicago’s future -- “Plan Forward: Communities That Work.” 

The implementation of this new strategy expands on the foundation laid by the Plan for Transformation, the largest redevelopment/rehabilitation of public housing in the history of the United States.

Working closely with the Chicago Housing Authority, weetu helped summarize several years of comprehensive stakeholder information gathering and planning while designing what will become a landmark document upon its public release in April of 2013. Utilizing it’s design, research and strategy expertise, weetu gave structure to the content making the information accessible to a wide range of viewers both graphically and comprehensively.

The 3 primary goals of Plan Forward were to:

  1. Re-imagine the final phase of the Plan for Transformation,
  2. Ensure that CHA’s housing portfolio is safe, decent and sustainable, and
  3. Expand services to more residents, targeted to their needs, and at critical milestones in their lives. 

“Our team was excited to be part of something this impacting for Chicago,” said Carly Cannell, President of weetu. “Our efforts are only an extension of the amazing work and effort put forward by the team at the Chicago Housing Authority.”

Plan Forward: Communities that Work can be found by visiting



Entering into weetu’s sssixth year, it is no surprise that it happens to coincide with the year of the snake. The Snake is the most complex force in the 12-year zodiac cycle and as history tells us the Snake Year is anything but tranquil. 

So after a year that saw the opening of weetu’s NY office extending it’s architectural reach; selection to help lead Chicago into its cultural future; the creation and launch of national message, brand and ad campaigns for some the largest non-profit organizations, the birth of a global design collaboration with Berlin’s own DesignProvocation and the release of weetu’s flatpack “plantlamp” product, 2013 is primed to be a year full of energized projects and inspired accomplishments.

So in other words it’s always best to keep your eye on the snake and, of course, weetu.


Weetu Berlin's Irakli Kiziria [Design Provocation] announced yesterday via Facebook that his VERY FIRST record "I/Y", created with pal, Yacoub Chakarji, is now available for order at Juno Records and for preorder at Decks Records and deejay.de. Wee woke up today to find that it sold out in one day at Juno Records. Get this while it's hot – if you can find it!

I/Y released this statement to the media: Call it whatever you want. We think of it simply as techno music. Deep, raw, mystical and industrialesque music that makes you think about your desires and gives you the illusion of clearing away time and space."

Having lived in almost all corners of the world, it took nothing more than finding themselves in Berlin, a dose of random chance and a barside conversation for Irakli and Yacoub to figure out they had similar views about music – and so, I/Y was born.

I/Y 001 is a three track intense journey into the depths of techno. ONLY VINYL !



Chicago/New York design firm weetu to unite forces with Berlin based DesignProvocation.  The product development and design labs of ‘weetu workshop’ formal collaboration with DesignProvocation positions both firms toward a new means of cultural production.  

DesignProvocation is a German-based interdisciplinary studio founded by Irakli Kiziria; a network of international professionals working in the fields of art, design, architecture, and research.  DesignProvocation pseudo-objects, products and concepts have circulated on the viral global front, tinged with under-stated humor, and inspiring new perspectives of our cultural and consumer landscapes. 

Carly Cannell, weetu founder, “This merging of efforts and ideas is a thrilling physical expansion of weetu into the European market. I’ve long admired DesignProvocation’s bold creative thinking and design risk-taking. Irakli is [not] just an architect and designer. He’s a DJ, trendsetter, and social icon. The clear differences of each workshop both strengthen and complement one another. It's a great opportunity and we already have several concepts in the works. I look forward to this long term experiment and our new Berlin presence.”

When asked, why this cross-Atlantic alliance? “We like to work with interesting people/professionals we know and trust," says Kiziria, "Call it a flux of social, cultural, geographical, economic and political phenomena. [Together] our studios can overcome geographical and cultural boundaries, while creating new ways of looking at the world around us.  We look forward to this alliance as it will strengthen and unite our ideation teams, further expanding the breadth of what we bring to the world, and with intent, make it a better place.“


Happy historical Monday, Chicago! After months of citywide community participation, the City of Chicago today officially released the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012.  This is the first plan, since 1986, designed to strengthen the city's arts and cultural sector. The final plan and executive summary can be downloaded at chicagoculturalplan2012.com.

Being part of the cultural planning team and providing the social media and marketing outreach was a great honor for weetu. This role in implementing the social media allowed the cultural planning process to extend beyond traditional town hall meetings and neighborhood conversations by creating opportunities for wider and more diverse audiences to share their own vision for Chicago's cultural future.

This morning's release event, held at Manuel Perez Jr. Elementary School in Pilsen, was an inspiring celebration which included a collaborative performance by the students, Yo-Yo Ma (yes, the real one), and celebs Renee Fleming and Damian Woetzel. Additionally, Mayor Emmanuel spoke to the plan as enhancing Chicago's reputation for creativity, innovation and excellence in the arts. He then generously dished out high-fives to some excited students. Commissioner Michelle Boone, who spearheaded the cultural planning initiative, was also on-hand with an enthusiastic introduction of the final Chicago Cultural Plan 2012.

Besides for the love of what we do, weetu was inspired throughout this planning process by our passionate implementation team which included Amina Dickerson [Dickerson Global Advisors], Lisa McDonald [Research Explorers], Nick Rabkin, Amanda Carlson and Lord Cultural Resources.