January presents a time where WEE spend a few moments reflecting on the year past in order to learn and celebrate as WEE seize a new year. 2010, not a lot of tears are being shed at your passing, but along with the exciting challenges you presented, WEETU was fortunate with client projects while exploring new ideas and places. WEE got our hands dirty, got our pictures taken, got to travel around and Martin even got a decent haircut!

Already just 2 weeks old, 2011 is gearing up to be one full of inspiring projects and special reveals. Make sure to keep watch on WEETU and have a look at a year in review:

*Good People was in The Maryland Film Festival in April. Martin co-produced, re-wrote, edited, mixed, color corrected, powdered and diapered this creepy little short all the way to five festivals in the last two years. See the trailer. See a scene. See Martin's own neglected blog. See yah.