Wayward Arts Issue No 9 hit the streets in November and weetucarly was one of 40 collaborating contributors invited to provide thinking around the future of work. Check out the issue here and continue the conversation.

It's estimated that by 2020 the number of independent professionals will exceed 70,000,000. With the launch of a new year, it's time to think differently about your business and weetu is here to help. When launched in 2007 by fearless leader Carly Cannell, her mission was to create a vibrant collective of experienced multi-disciplinary professionals to bring new vision to problem solving and design innovation.

Collaboration has been a major weetu ingredient from day 1. So it was a no brainer for Cannell to join up with the Baubub as they were incubating back in 2008. The Bauhub, in their own words, is a "tour de workforce. " With 305 active members and growing, it's a maxi-weetu collective of experienced marketing and design professionals to tackle projects, big and small, anywhere in the world.

"I was excited to be one of the founding members of The Bauhub," says weetucarly, "Scott's vision of the Bauhub was in line with why I started weetu. To have additional partners and collaborators in North America (and beyond) only makes us stronger. It's about putting the strongest team together for our clients to provide superior solutions. The plus side is that as experienced as we all are in various fields, we continue to evolve together and be inspired by one another. It's not a competition, it's a collaboration."

Check out Wayward Arts Issue No 9 here or contact The Bauhub for a printed issue.