Showrooms provide the ambience to every show, which is part of the excitement of traveling to different countries to attend them. Though companies continue to spend less each year, parallel to the global economy, trends are not absent from Orgatec.

Boxes were a common theme, made of the packaging the furniture came in - or so it was implied.

A. The Vitra exhibit seemed to be construction of raw palettes, while

B. Ersa boasted of their "box in a box" idea. It was a little reminiscent of the early 90's, but reflective of getting back to basics. Ersa says that "their retail concept consists of natural, deliberately un-designed factory look that are both casual and polished".

C. The perimeter of Wagner's exhibit was comprised of one of their wood chairs. It created a warm, sophisticated look and complex texture. A dark rich wood bar was located in the center of the interior space, along with a small hospitality dining area serving elegant cuisine. A huge departure from the typical tradeshow booth.

D & E. Fringe also dominated a lot of exhibits these past days. Seriously, the same white fringe, sometimes longer than others. Sometimes in contrast to raw building or shipping materials.

F. All we can wonder about this one is, "which automotive manufacturer went under and sold you their car show booth?"

G. Interstuhl was a rare, yet successful, example of intentional wandering. It was approachable from all angles while providing a complementary backdrop to their products. Nicely executed.

H. A definite tree and apple fetish was present at the show, as mentioned in our earlier post. This showroom went the extra mile by branding their apples. These will not be included in our pie.

I. Hall of mirrors... this was the best. Several manufacturers left the fringe on the side to make room for mirrors. Some reflected the product on the ceiling, others went full blown circus- fun! We spent a little too much time in this showroom for the wrong reasons.

This showroom was just asleep. Well, to be fair, that one guy just woke up.