Welcome to the weetu view of orgatec 2010 - Modern Office and Facility. Orgatec is not unlike NeoCon in the states, a tradeshow that we are all too familiar with, only it occurs every other year here in Cologne. There was a lot of the familiar, but a few things grabbed our attention... not always for the right reasons.

If you've every been to a tradeshow, you know one of the few perks are the free giveaways. There were a few offerings of traditional gummy treats... but there was rarely a booth without a bowl full of apples. Apples everywhere! Piiiiie tonight!

A. Weetu is trading in all of our studio desks for these babies. Sure, we've seen this one before - Sonic Chair - but this was the first time we tried it out. It rocked AND was convenient to work at.

B. The 2 biggest differences between NeoCon and Orgatec: Orgatec is covered in felt and the male attendees have much cooler suits. Check out for some amazing acoustical additions to any office space. Specifically the buzzihood, buzzibooth and buzzilight.

C. More felt, a lot of work cubbies, but Vitra's has a sexy zipper.

D. Ersa, out of Turkey, offers this cool donut lounge. The cool part is the magazine rack in the center which would also be convenient for displaying records.

E. Also from Ersa, these simple angular sofa sectionals offset from one another.

F. More of a showpiece, Frau Schneider enjoyed a 5 minute nap in Vitra's 15 minute nap lounge.

G. Every big manufacturer, and even a few small ones, have one. This is Vitra's electrically operated table. Stand up, sit down, fight fight fight.

H. Interstuhl introduced a new chair called the AirPad. (I guess all the negative feedback on the new IPad's name didn't hit Germany). Aside from comfy and ergonomic, the sheer panels were a little bit sexy.

I. A more modern, less office-like design for a transformable table. This one had a hand crank, but it's peppery counterpart was electric.

J. Herman Miller also debut their new ergonomic task chair -Sayl ... starting with the wood and string model prototypes.

K. Not the best photo angle to demonstrate it, the SAYL is named after it's "sail" like back structure. The rubber webbing was really quite elegant and architectural in it's structure, much like that of a beautifully designed bridge.

L. Certainly not a looker, this chair is deluxe for the super exec who's worker-bee by day and lazy-boy by night. This is the mPosition by Profi.m

M. More felt? These transformable loungers got people in suits onto the floor in public... reminiscent of Vitra's lap belt we saw at both Salone Mobile and NeoCon this past year.

O. We've seen these in craftpaper, but now we see them in fluorescent plastics by

P. Vange also showed this intelligent, economical, 100% recycled fold out chair called Desile, after designer Christian Desile.

Q. Interstuhl also has an industrial side... and we like it! Helen was determined to try on the model's size 10 yellow shoes. I seriously need these stools in my kitchen.

R. Drumroll please!!! The official ugliest chair of the show: This one. What's scary is not so much the supply, but the thought this chair is at all in demand in 2010. Yikes!