[Chicago] – The Department of Curiosities, located at 3013 W. Armitage Avenue, will host a shop-able installation by members of the League of Women Designers (LWD).  Eve Fineman will curate the show drawing on the golden age of department stores for visual inspiration. The boutique space will be transformed with sections for housewares, lighting, furniture, clothing, jewelry, handbags and lingerie. Weetu will showcase BLADE SHELVES and debut a set of rubberized neon X2 DESKSCAPES.

The shop-able installation will be open from December 4th-20th, Tuesdays-Saturdays from 12-7 pm, Sundays 12-5pm.  Check out the catalog of participating designers! 

Full press release below:

[Chicago] – From December 4th-20th, the Department of Curiosities located at 3013 W. Armitage Avenuewill host a shop-able installation by members of the League of Women Designers (LWD).  Eve Fineman will curate the show drawing on the golden age of department stores for visual inspiration. The boutique space will be transformed with sections for housewares, lighting, furniture, clothing, jewelry, handbags and lingerie. Participating designers include Carly CannellChelli LookElizabeth FierstenFelicia Ferrone,  Gerry Quinton, Jamie Hayes, Kari Merkl, Kelly Marie Thompson, Kristen Molenhouse, Maria Boustead, and Sharon Burdett

 Participating designers include Carly CannellChelli LookElizabeth FierstenFelicia Ferrone,  Gerry Quinton, Jamie Hayes, Kari Merkl, Kelly Marie Thompson, Kristen Molenhouse, Maria Boustead, and Sharon Burdett

The show's name references Eileen Gray, a touchstone for LWD group. Gray was a pioneer of modernist design; an architect and designer of furniture, textiles and interiors. Her influential works in the 1920s and 30s were largely overlooked in her time and the importance of her legacy remains unrecognized to this day. One of her most innovative works, the Villa E-1027 house, for instance, was first attributed to her lover, Jean Badovice, and was later defaced by the most famous architect of her day, Le Corbusier. 

“Gray’s Department Store” will provide a public platform for the LWD group as a whole, and for each individual exhibitor. The exhibit will include a printed art catalogue designed by Daniela Markova Soukup, an opening reception sponsored by KOVAL distillery from 6-9 pm on December 4th, open hours during the Holiday season for the public to view and shop Tuesday-Saturday from 12-7 pm, and Sunday from 12-5 pm. The exhibiting designers will staff the shop in order to give the public an opportunity to learn about the design and manufacturing process; most of the designers manufacture locally. In addition, special events such as demonstrations, screenings, and discussions by members of the LWD group will be held throughout the run of the show, including a pop-up dining event on the evening of December 12th featuring the work of Midnight Kitchen Projects.

The Department of Curiosities (DOC) will host the event at their storefront/workshop, which showcases fashion and design. It is home to fashion lines Morua and Production Mode, which are manufactured on-site, following a slow fashion model of transparent and ethical production. In spring 2016, DOC will introduce their first collection, a line of silk lingerie inspired by the luminous women of the 1930s. The line will be available for preview and purchase at the Gray’s Department Store event.

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A link to the Gray’s Department Store exhibit catalogue can be found here.


Drones will deliver our impulsive online purchases and our cars will be driving themselves to work. Yep- 2014 is going to be the year of awesome, and off to a great start. Deemed the "Year of the Robot" by our very own inside secret sources, wee can only expect the year will end in Robotalyspe! So we've taken precautions in designing WEETURVIVAL KIT 2014 so our beloved friends, family and clients can be ready, in style.

Available in weetu glowing yellow (so it's easy to find in the dark), WEETURVIVAL KIT 2014 comes with everything you need to fend off the robots without having to sacrifice the quality of life you're used to. For only three easy online payments of $9.99, weetu will even throw in a free consultation to customize additional solutions to meet your needs... okay, and a free Slanket.

Preserve yourself, preserve your business: Prepare with weetu! We think of everything so you don't have to.


On June 11th, 2013 the WEEINVENT TRUCK is back in action at the 9th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show! weetu architects + designers reveal a new product line named"X4", a collection of "scalar explorations"of form[s]: same shapes, 4 scales, 4 functions.

"Come for the hotties, stay for the scalars", exclaims Kevin Estrada, weetu's Director of Architecture. That's really all we can say for now.

For more information about weetuʼs new products, visit us on June 11th at

About the 9th Annual Guerrilla Truck ShowThe Event takes place at the corner of Aberdeen and Fulton on June 11th, between 5:30pm and 9:30pm. 


Entering into weetu’s sssixth year, it is no surprise that it happens to coincide with the year of the snake. The Snake is the most complex force in the 12-year zodiac cycle and as history tells us the Snake Year is anything but tranquil. 

So after a year that saw the opening of weetu’s NY office extending it’s architectural reach; selection to help lead Chicago into its cultural future; the creation and launch of national message, brand and ad campaigns for some the largest non-profit organizations, the birth of a global design collaboration with Berlin’s own DesignProvocation and the release of weetu’s flatpack “plantlamp” product, 2013 is primed to be a year full of energized projects and inspired accomplishments.

So in other words it’s always best to keep your eye on the snake and, of course, weetu.



Chicago/New York design firm weetu to unite forces with Berlin based DesignProvocation.  The product development and design labs of ‘weetu workshop’ formal collaboration with DesignProvocation positions both firms toward a new means of cultural production.  

DesignProvocation is a German-based interdisciplinary studio founded by Irakli Kiziria; a network of international professionals working in the fields of art, design, architecture, and research.  DesignProvocation pseudo-objects, products and concepts have circulated on the viral global front, tinged with under-stated humor, and inspiring new perspectives of our cultural and consumer landscapes. 

Carly Cannell, weetu founder, “This merging of efforts and ideas is a thrilling physical expansion of weetu into the European market. I’ve long admired DesignProvocation’s bold creative thinking and design risk-taking. Irakli is [not] just an architect and designer. He’s a DJ, trendsetter, and social icon. The clear differences of each workshop both strengthen and complement one another. It's a great opportunity and we already have several concepts in the works. I look forward to this long term experiment and our new Berlin presence.”

When asked, why this cross-Atlantic alliance? “We like to work with interesting people/professionals we know and trust," says Kiziria, "Call it a flux of social, cultural, geographical, economic and political phenomena. [Together] our studios can overcome geographical and cultural boundaries, while creating new ways of looking at the world around us.  We look forward to this alliance as it will strengthen and unite our ideation teams, further expanding the breadth of what we bring to the world, and with intent, make it a better place.“


One night only...Everybody get’s in FREE! A heart-pumping, high-octane, design explosion through your SOUL.

Watch as the weetu monster truck will dare the impossible by leaping...not one...not two...but ALL, 50 TRUCKS... at the 8th Annual Guerrilla Truck show.

So leave the weak-hearted at home and come down to Fulton Market on June 12th for 30,000 tons of design thunder. weetu and trucks.

Wet-your-pants fun.

BE THERE!!!!!!


Bright + Shiny Exhibition, Chicago Artist Coalition, curated by Studio Murmur exhibited new work by various designers during the annual NeoCon and Guerrilla Truck Show events held in Chicago.

“Light & Reflection” introduces recent works by six designers through a range of technologies and conceptual ideas. Largely based in the Chicago design community, the group includes individuals and small studios showcasing new designs as part of the emerging “Design Week,” which includes events such as the 8th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show and NeoCon.


Flash back fun of 2011- During a holiday stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, weetu Carly discovered her carpet on the floor. Well, not "her's" per se, but a collection she and Kevin designed for Durkan Commercial (part of The Mohawk Group) a few years back. Part of the "body" collection, this particular pattern called "tattoo" (for obvious reasons) was notably one of Durkan's top sellers the year it was released (or so we were told).

What was not expected was how the pattern would be motifified (new word) all over the room. The repeated tattoo pattern was extracted for pillow adornment, as well as into a giant wall graphic.

It can be assumed that a similar pattern has been utilized for tramp stamps all over the world... so perhaps not falling under any trademarks or copyright law... so we'll just take it as flattery. Glad it worked out for the room designers of the Hard Rock Hotel. It looked pretty "hot" (Paris Hilton circa 2003).



Weetu will unveil three new products in the “WEEINVENT” truck. Leading the pack is the newest line of “Weetree WallsTM”, illuminated, self-watering indoor/outdoor wall gardens perfect for restaurant installations. Planted with herbs and edibles during the warmer months, and maintains visual beauty during the colder months.

Next up is "Plant-Lamp" glowing diamond, the first-prototype in a collection of flat-pack snap-together, dual-function home accessories. Despite packing a big illuminated punch, this table-top dynamo canʼt ever be mistaken for itʼs outdoor cousin, “Big Daddy Diamond” steel planter, who sits at almost 3-feet in length with a sparkling car paint finish.

Bringing up the rear in more ways than one are “Fuk'n Frok'n Positional Bedsheets” available in “Dog-E” and “On-A-Mission” styles. A collaborative experiment with photography and graphic design, these digitally printed, eco-friendly bedsheets are a hinted surprise when the cover comes off.

Founded on a model of inventiveness, weetu brings together seasoned creative leaders from multiple disciplines and backgrounds to generate new ideas and products. Core to its design is the concept of “collaborative play” fueling weetuʼs overall environment and creative processes. It is through this hands-on approach where weetuʼs design teams are encouraged to explore ideas and inspirations free of limitations.