weetu was so amused at Architizer's Design Challenge, NYC's Worst Bathroom Competition, that we just had to submit. Kenny Lao and his disgusting "Trainspotting" inspired bathroom needed some magic! The intent behind Kenny's BathBox was to create a well-defined, yet, deceivingly open space by stating 2 primary zones:

  1. The raised tiled “box” for toilet and shower
  2. The linear, wood-surfaced, dry zone for vanity/sink and storage

Kenny had some specific requirements for his future bathroom, such as the ability to drink directly from the faucet and a preference to not have a partition around the shower. The design succeeded in not only addressing all of the items on Kenny's wish list, but opened the tiny space to feel more expensive. It also left the current systems intact, with only minimal modifications. The overall approach was as easy on the eyes, as it was on Kenny's pocketbook.