Taking on Trizec’s challenge of a 60,000 sq. ft. office relocation and design of its new space, weetu blended methodical review and analysis with personal dialogue to produce a key findings report that identified opportunities for spatial and cultural change.  Derived from this document, weetu’s design diversified the experience of the office by fostering a more varied business environment that leveled hierarchy and enhanced Trizec’s culture.  From it’s research, the design team developed an integrated strategy that utilized space, technology, communication and graphics. Additional to architectural services, weetu’s team designed environmental graphics, custom signage, videos to play on LCD panels in the lobby, internal communication tools and stylized maps for each meeting room to highlight Trizec’s properties and showcase photos of the company’s properties. The end design also included a prominent glass staircase – the first of its kind in a non-retail environment in Chicago – that connected the company’s floors internally and improved circulation of the company’s staff.

weetu’s hands-on team was involved in every step of the process which, consequently, achieved multiple objectives for Trizec. This included a flexible, adaptable office setting, greater work efficiencies, enhanced technology and internal communication and a new, interactive culture. The end result skillfully communicated Trizec’s identity, while differentiating the company as an exemplar in it’s market.